Forming the Bearpit Improvement Group (B.I.G)

Initially there were several meetings involving a range of supportive organisations where ideas have been brought together and ideas for what can be done and how to move forward.

Attendees have been from
- Bristol Civic Society
- University of the West of England
- Police Crime Prevention Officer
- Bristol City Council Community Parks Officer
- PRSC (People's Republic of Stokes Croft)
- Stokes Croft Festival Organiser
- Co-exist Music Collective
- Open Spaces Society
- Friends of Community Forest Path
- Architects
- Extra Verte Predevelopment Consultants
and other interested parties.

A small group of willing representatives came forward to represent the Bearpit.. and here we are!!

Various consultation initiatives were run within the Bearpit using posters as opportunities to communicate with the public and ask for ideas, suggestions and support. We received a great response and have encorporated many ideas into our strategy options.

We are now established as a Community Interest Company, which will enable us to apply for funding and work more efficiently to establish new projects in the Bear Pit.

Bearpit Improvement Group Directors

Henry Shaftoe (Chair)- UWE

Alan Morris - Bristol Civic Society

Kaz van den Berg - Ex UWE student

Chris Chalkly - PRSC

Mike Thorne

Robin Halpenny

Bristol City Council have also designated the Bear Pit as a Community Action Zone which will further assist us in our ability to create positive change in the Bear Pit.