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Welcome to the Bearpit website! Please navigate your way around to find out all about the project.

Unveiling of URSA the bear


On Friday evening at 6.30pm Mayor George Ferguson will unveil “Ursa”, a major new sculpture by Jamie Gillman.

Symbolic of the Bottom up approach to regeneration for which Stokes Croft is increasingly renowned,
the bear stands on the roof of the men’s toilets in the Bearpit, a potent emblem for the Bearpit and the City.
A joint initiative between the Bearpit Improvement Group and PRSC,
the sculpture reinforces the notion of Stokes Croft and the Bearpit as an Outdoor Gallery,
and was funded by a grant from Arts Council England.

There will be music provided by the Ambling band and others, and performance in the Bearpit will run into the evening.

The Art Container in the Bearpit will host an exhibition of work by Jamie Gillman,
which will include several original works
and a limited edition A2 signed print of Ursa which will be offered at £20.


To see short film of the making of the Bear, visit :



See the results of our consultation in our main report.

Insights into the space can been seen in part 2 of the report.

If you would like to follow the Bearpit blog on the walkway, you can view it at:


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Hay Day Novice’s Tips guide and also Walk-through

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Thanks for visiting Hay Day walk-through guide for beginners. This farming game has caught up genuinely speedy, and it’s certainly quite possibly the most popular game of its king in iOS units (iPad, iPhone). The developers release updates really normally, and that is great news for challenging core gamers.

Coins: This is the main currency in Hay Day. You get them by promoting your merchandise by Income Venues which include the Delivery Truck or even the Roadside Store, and in addition by offering to Farm Visitors, that are NPCs that randomly pay a visit to your farm. The coins are employed to purchase buildings, animals and materials from other gamers through the Roadside Store.
Diamonds: This can be the game hard currency. Apart from shopping for diamings with authentic lifestyle income, you are able to get diamonds from completing achievements and opening lock boxes. You employ diamongs to speed up processes and instantaneously complete orders for objects you happen to be missing.
Vouchers: You unlock vouches immediately after you attain degree 20. This currency is obtained by completing orders from trucks and boats and therefore are utilized to buy pets and decors.

For unlimited resources just use hay day cheats online tool.


Tap an empty discipline. Then drag wheat in excess of the fields to plant the seeds. Seeds need time for you to increase. When harvested, every discipline creates two crops (meaning, it produces two units of crops/items). Don’t forget that for every single crop harvested you obtain two seeds, sew them numerous instances to multiply the quantity of seeds, they’re critical to progress via the game.
Harvesting Fields

When your crops are completely grown, you are going to recognize that when tapping on them a Scythe icon will demonstrate up, tap and drag it by the many ready crops
Farm Animals

To be able to get farm animals, you must invest in them in the store, only tap about the one you’d like (if it’s greyed out it suggests you nonetheless need to unlock that animal prior to remaining able to purchase it) and drag it to its corresponding creating.

Non generating animals usually do not require shelters and wander throughout the farm. The only solution to obtain them is with Vouchers

It is possible to velocity up the manufacturing procedure by tapping around the animal and tapping again on the bolt icon, this action prices diamonds.
Feeding Animals

All animals in Hay Day really need to be fed in an effort to produce goods. It’s essential to tap on each individual animal and after that. Ensure your animals hardly ever go hungry by developing a feed mill. Each and every farm animal calls for a different kind of meals, the meals is produced in the feed mill and this building indicates which crop material demands in order to produce that precise food. Remember, just after you harvest just about every animal, you’ll want to feed it again, otherwise it will not began making additional products once again.
The way to Paint Buildings

Tap on any developing
Trees and Bushes

Apart from farm animals and crops, additionally you have at your disposal Trees and Bushes, just about every one producing various styles of fruits and seeds, for example the Cacao Tree and Raspberry Bush.
Leveling Up

Each and every time you level up, you not simply obtain gold coins, but in addition unlock new enhancements, including buildings, crops and products. Also, you acquire more field patches, which let you grow more crops. For every new degree, you gain 3 patches of land. Following the buy board is most likely the quickest approach to degree up, no less than while in the early stages with the game. Harvesting crops also get you XP factors

In Hay Day, you have a number of styles of buildings. Every single setting up features a specific development time, the more innovative the creating is, the far more time has to be finished, as soon as it is completed you may see the developing wrapped into a gift box.
Animal Shelters

Animal Shelters are buildings that let you include farm animals, which are the ones that create unique form of goods and resources. The shelters only give space for the
Manufacturing Buildings

Production Buildings; enable you to course of action raw supplies, like wheat, into products like bread, these buildings are positioned within the third tab while in the store. Every one of these buildings have their very own menu that display the complete selection of goods they are able to manufacture. Once these merchandise are finished, you could promote them to guests.
Storage Buildings

Storage buildings let you do just that, keep products you develop. There are numerous different storage buildings, every single 1 concentrate on offering shelter and space to goods like Crops, End solutions, and so forth.
The Order Board

The buy board demonstrates which orders are available. Earn income and knowledge by delivering them. You may tap the truck or even the purchase board to create your deliveries. Should the purchase could be fullfilled it will eventually ticked, you may see the detail over the appropriate side of every buy by tapping on it. Now, you will need to claim your reward for delivering the buy by tapping around the truck once it comes back. Among lots of places, you’ll get orders from your Kindergarten and Susan’s Shop
Hay Day Mates

You can add as a lot of friends when you want as neighbors from your Pal Bar, accessed via the icon found within the bottom suitable side with the display. Then tap within the “Friends” tab. Close friends can only be added by means of your facebook account, ensure you are logged in through the facebook app 1st. Friends are several times essential to your progress, simply because they have Roadside Stores exactly where you may purchase stuff you do not have and require, including seeds.
Income Venues

The Roadside Shop are going to be the 1st Income Venue you are going to come across, in which you can exchange goods/materials and seeds for coins. The boat, the newspaper as well as the wheel of fortune come in later from the game. You might sooner or later get Vouchers from distinctive delivery trucks and boats, use them to trade them for distinctive objects. You may area items for sale inside your very own Roadside Store for other players to obtain. The newspaper will be the greatest approach to check out everything you neighbors have for sale (tap about the mailbox in your farm entrance).
Expanding Your Farm

In an effort to get a lot more space to construct new storage, manufacturing or shelter amenities you will have to lower down the trees surrounding it in the early phases in the game. To be able to do which means you have to have a noticed, for each tree, you will need a brand new noticed, and these expense diamonds to adquire. New growth slots will grow to be out there when you level up, providing you accessibility on the Mine for instance.


Completing achievements is often a excellent strategy to obtain Diamonds. You have a total of 78 achievements, every one owning 3 levels. Each time among these ranges is completed, you might be provided a ribbon and one,2 or 3 diamonds respectively. By way of this menu, you could also challenge Game Center friends to beat their scores or earn achievements. Problems are sort of races in which the very first to finish that objective gets the reward. You have to declare the achievement reward in an effort to receive it.

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Buffalo Chicken Dip – Incredible Dish

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This kind of hot, buffalo chicken dip crock pot is often a ideal “game day” Tv viewing meals.

Football season has started and though we don’t actually watch any games in our house except the Super Bowl, I’ve been within the mood for Television viewing snacks. This spicy buffalo chicken dip can be a great selection. I made a sriracha buffalo sauce as opposed to working with regular buffalo hot sauce. Although I’m not very sriracha obsessed, I do choose it to other hot sauces mainly because in the complexity of flavors.

The dip is layered with cubed chicken tossed within the sauce, ranch dressing, cream cheese and mozzarella cheese. It’s undoubtedly a keeper.

Sriracha Buffalo Chicken Cheese Dip


1 lb chicken breast, cut into smaller cubes (about 1/2 inch x 1/2 inch)
1 (eight oz) package cream cheese, softened
1/2 cup ranch dressing
six tbsp butter
9 tbsp sriracha sauce
two cups shredded mozzarella cheese


1. Preheat oven to 375F. To prepare buffalo sauce, melt butter within a skillet. Turn off stove as quickly as butter is melted and before it begins to bubble. Add in sriracha sauce and stir till sauce is uniform. Inside a separate pan, cook chicken cubes until carried out. Pour half on the sauce in using the chicken and coat chicken.

two. Inside a 9 inch baking pie plate, spread softened cream cheese across bottom until smooth. Add chicken on top. Add ranch dressing on top rated of chicken. Pour remaining hot sauce on leading. Finally, top with shredded mozzarella.

three. Bake about 15-20 minutes until totally heated and top rated cheese layer starts to blister. In case you can not get the nice blister impact, turn oven up to 400F for an extra handful of minutes until it does. Serve hot with tortilla chips.

Tip: In case your rotisserie chicken is chilled, microwave it 1 to two minutes to slightly warm it. Warm chicken is a great deal a lot easier to pull and shred.

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Clash of Clans update makes changes to Barbarian King and Archer Queen

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Because the final sneak peek just before the release in the next Clash of Clans update, Supercell revealed that “big changes” are coming to the game’s Heroes. Both the Barbarian King and Archer Queen have had their strengths “readjusted” and are now “much smarter on defense, have distinct strengths and weaknesses, and their skills are more significant than ever.”

Okay, that is fairly vague, so Supercell took towards the forums to provide us a a lot more in-depth look in the alterations. Here they are:

1. Heroes can no longer be lured out to some corner from the village and get smashed there. Now, they may turn into like a defensive developing (they’re nevertheless not defenses, they will not be targeted as such) and can only attack troops that step inside their territory; if a troop tries to lure them out of that territory, they’re going to retreat.

two. Hitpoints and harm for the Queen and hitpoints for the King happen to be slightly increased at decrease levels. Having said that, hero hitpoints and damage have been decreased at larger levels so that you can balance heroes on defense and let for stronger abilities.

three. Hero Skills now enhance considerably much more substantially with every new capability level so the most beneficial solution to make your hero stronger when attacking should be to enhance their capacity level! Working clash of clans cheats, should help you to win much faster.

EDIT: Regardless of the truth that the HP has been decreased at larger levels, the new abilities will compensate and balance those adjustments.

Through the video you could see that Jonas refers to the Barbarian King as the “tank” specialist and that is simply because they may now have new roles:

Barbarian King

His harm has been decreased, but he now can heal himself greatly when making use of the Iron Fist ability (you could see inside the video the health points getting improved upon the activation of his capacity).
The Barbarian horde summoned by Iron Fist has doubled in size to bring about even more mayhem.
Use Iron Fist at the suitable time to support the King take more harm than he ever could ahead of

Archer Queen

Her hitpoints happen to be reduced in later levels, but the Queen now gains a tremendous damage enhance when her Royal Cloak capability is active.
The duration of Royal Cloak has been considerably increased in reduce levels to assist make certain the Queen has sufficient time to land her most highly effective of shots.
Use Royal Cloak in the proper time for you to enable the Queen hit vital targets tougher than she ever could prior to!

So in other words, their powers have already been balanced and some elements replaced with new and stronger abilities.

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